Monday, November 12, 2007

Where's Sam Bradford in the Heisman hunt?

I was looking on ESPN's Heisman watch to see what the "professionals" had to say about this year's Heisman hopefuls, and I noticed one name glaringly absent -- Sam Bradford.

Oklahoma's rookie QB has some phenomenal stats for a freshman. He's the top rated passer in the NCAA (QB rating of 180 and over 70% completion rating). So where's the love?

I know some people argue that freshman just get overlooked. But Tim Tebow is getting accolades, and both his QB rating and his completion percentage are lower than Bradford's. So what's going on here? Any thoughts?

And I suppose while I'm harping on people being overlooked in the Big XII Conference, what about Mangino's team in Kansas? How does an undefeated team in a BCS conference not get ranked above two one-loss teams in the polls? These coaches and writers need to disregard how teams have faired historically and rank them based on how they're playing now.


i am jordan b. said...

true but ku only played 3 teams with winning records i cant say how that ended but at one time they were all 6-5 even though im a die hard kstate fan i will give ku some props for beating an "alright" virgina tech team. Intell Mark Mangino lines up some good teams with winning records i think ku fans should be quite and not call themselves a dynasty.

The Mighty Musnud said...

I never said anything about dynasty. I reserve that for true dynasties that stand the test of decades like OU (note I'm not calling Johnny-come-lately K-State a dynasty either).

But I still think that regardless of pre-season scheduling, any team that goes undefeated for a solid length of time in a BCS conference (regardless of the teams played) deserves a bit of recognition.