Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Save Journeyman

Every once in a while, a network station will find a show that offers thought-provoking intelligent drama with excellent characters/actors and a gripping, original plot. This doesn't happen often. Usually we see clones of police, courtroom, or hospital dramas, mired in plots that center around sex (see Private Practice). Sometimes we get a rehash of an old goody that's ruined by poor pacing, bad acting, etc. (see Bionic Woman).

But recently NBC got it right. They ordered 13 episodes of a show called Journeyman. This show has everything a good show should have--excellent pacing, plotting, characterization, etc. The leading man, Kevin McKidd, is phenomenal, and he's surrounded by a fabulous supporting cast.

But apparently nobody watches it. Apparently, it's getting poor ratings, so NBC is canning it after this last episode (Monday, Nov. 26). Well, apparently NBC didn't get it's own memo. They make Journeyman available for free ad-supported download on their new Hulu system. They also provide full episodes for viewing on

Yet NBC doesn't take into account either of these sources when they check for ratings on their shows. In fact, they don't even take into account DVR-delayed viewing, which is becoming increasingly more common. I myself usually DVR Journeyman and watch it on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

They must be made aware of their folly! Fans of Journeyman, show your support. Let's not let another excellent show slip away due to the inability of the networks to account for changing technology!

Sign this petition to save the show (I'm number 1909):

And any other suggestions you might have to save the show are welcome. Please share your thoughts!

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Gaurav Marjara said...

It is my favorite show.i watch all the episodes of I didn’t get a chance to journeyman.There are many unforgettable moments in this show which i can't forget.Characters of this show are just remarkable,i can't stop laughing even at a single look at them.

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